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Nao-Me clothing is a small apparel clothing brand for women. It focuses on making statement pieces for celebratory events for women - pieces that will stand them out of the crowd as the celebrant and make every woman in it feel like a million bucks.

Nao-Me is starting out very small but making strides and we believe the sky is the limit. Nao-Me has been in the fashion industry for more than 8 years and only just recently moved to the United States 3 years ago. Within that time, Nao-Me has made its first production in New York called the Daisy dress. It's everyone's favorite and many are still talking about this lovely piece.

At @naomeonline , we are all about #thewoman. It's a womenswear brand focusing all it's attention on the woman, her journey, challenges and wins. From our perspective, it's an 'inclusive girl club' where we do talk about the #theeverywoman & #theeverygirl after all, it's called Nao-Me, which means when you say it, it's "now you".

Nao-Me™ 's mission statement, core values and core purpose has stayed very much the same over the course of time. In its first interview on the Queen's consult magazine, which is the cover of the Queen Elizabeth II Hall magazine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, very much the same was said and we quote " the brand is all about her clients, all whom she celebrates and makes to feel like the only girls in the world." ☺️

For us, @naomeonline isn't just about sales and products (which you know: every business does need that too to survive, & to keep it as a going concern) , but Nao-Me™ is rooted more in essence, in purpose and in fulfillment. In doing work that you actually love and enjoy doing and in putting smiles on faces. We definitely do need the sales as well to keep it as a business and not as a hobby. Every business needs all the encouragement, cash injection and cash flow that they can get.


Nao-me began as a small school project within the walls of the great Unibadan (University of Ibadan) in Nigeria, Africa. Africa is known for its rich art, cultures and vibrant colors. The country Nigeria, is rich in its diversity of cultures and has a rich heritage for art, for colors, for vibrancy & expression and for fashion. The founder who was then a student came from a family of people who loved colors, art and who naturally loved to draw. She loved to make imaginative fashion sketches and was curious about the art of apparel making from a young age. She made imaginative sketches of different fashion pieces on paper to make up for the boredom in between classes. School mates saw this, fell in love with them and encouraged them to be developed into real wearable pieces. There was demand!

2012 was the big year of coming out. The brand launched with a 12-piece collection photoshoot, Nao-me T-shirts and development hall-week contracts for female halls. The year saw the brand making huge strides, going all out, taking risks and experiencing both the blessings of hardwork as well as setbacks from hard lessons. The popular & favorite piece of students became The Queen Idia blazer. About 200-300 ready-to-wear pieces were sold & many Queen Idia Hall students loved it for its amazing fit and the sleekness & texture of the fabric and for the overall polished look of the outfit. It was with this piece that most students fell in love with this small school brand and it became a household name within its little territory. There was belief in the brand!

The years after school saw the founder further venturing into the fashion entrepreneurship business. This afforded the opportunity to research further into the pain points in the industry & be practical in doing so, as well as raise funds for the brand's own projects. What do our clients like? What do clients dislike? What do clients want? & what enhances the overall satisfaction and shopping experience of a customer ? There's been experience! The training only time can give.

We are enthusiasts for learning and for advancement and we are solving your apparel problems & taking your celebratory wears & shopping experiences to the next level. The Nao-me brand is... inspired in Nigeria, Africa, & made in USA 💞


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