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Our very "popular" Daisy has arrived- The Perfect Hubby Gift to make a wife feel special.

Our very popular "Daisy" has arrived!

Taking all the lemons life has thrown and squeezing out a lemonade. Taking over the reins and taking a new name for herself. This lovely piece was designed 8 years ago (Yes, you read that right!) without the funds to produce on a large scale but a reality today and a click away.

Just 50 pieces of this art, have been produced at this time. This has helped with quality control and we believe will aid the preservation of the uniqueness of this piece. This is a Nao-Me Original, so please buy original! We have taken care to produce them with the utmost attention to detail as deserved by such an intricate piece to preserve its uniqueness and authenticity just for you.

Made with care & bursting with exciting colours...this lovely piece was inspired by nature & made for the lover of beautiful things.

This piece is a perfect wear for a celebrant on a life event, affording comfort & style while standing you out. Also perfect for the celebrant/host of now trending virtual parties.

For a stylish hubby who loves to make lovely gestures to a lovely wife- this is a perfect and lovely gift to make a woman feel special and like a million bucks!

We hope this new piece adds colour to your closet & excites you as much as it excites us!

Whether fair skinned or a melanin queen, #ourdaisydress is just perfect!

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