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When you hear the topic "Celebrating the woman" what pops into your mind? No. This is not about certain rights of women in the society. This is something a lot simpler yet complex. This is an overview, a simple look at, and summary of, the life of a woman from childhood to womanhood. As a womenswear brand, for us, this means a simple look into her struggles and her challenges and simple suggestions that would make every woman feel more recognized and appreciated for who she is and what she does.

For the most part, nothing really totally prepares a woman for each phase of her life than for her to go through it. This is especially true in the case of a big move from home, stability afterwards, in some cases marriage & childbirth; and the sudden switch to motherhood. In the day that a child is born, she becomes the one a child turns to for comfort and nurturing. She suddenly realizes her role to shoulder big responsibilities of life and sometimes this comes with a big career that is also very demanding.

I am glad to be talking about this topic because we are going to be discussing those phases in a woman's life that usually aren't being talked about.

The following are certain issues and health conditions affecting women or that women are more prone to, as well as phases and stages that tie to these conditions. These weren't sorted or categorized differently as they often go hand in hand and go in a sequence: (Please note that not all situations will apply to all women)


  1. Puberty & The start of the menstrual cycle for young women. (This can be emotionally draining for a little girl to come to terms with.)

  2. Education

  3. Career

  4. Marriage, big moves and stability

  5. Fertility

  6. Miscarriage / miscarriages (the different types, causes, effects and dealing with loss)

  7. Pregnancy (what you need to know, preparing the body physically, mentally and emotionally for a baby, taking care during pregnancy, how to stay calm & act fast when a health condition is associated, health conditions that can be associated with pregnancy e.g. talking of ectopic pregnancy, Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes etc.)

  8. Childbirth

  9. Surgeries

  10. Motherhood

  11. Fibroids

  12. Breast Cancer and cancerous growths

  13. Hormonal imbalance

  14. Postpartum Depression

  15. Hot flashes, Menopause & Menopausal symptoms etc.

The woman becomes a homemaker, a nanny, a teacher, a cook, a lover, a nurturer, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and sometimes, most times, a career woman to top that. Life becomes to her a balancing act and she has to juggle so many things together.

If only we would talk more about all of the phases or changing circumstances in a woman's life, it will lead to more appreciation for a woman's role.

We would like to do a series called "Celebrating the woman" where we will pick each of these topics and discuss them a little bit more. Let us know how you feel about this conversation in the comments below and if you would like to see this series continue. Continuation of this particular series will depend on you, our reader and your response. Tell us your thoughts, if you will like this discussion to continue, as well as your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you for taking your time to read this little piece.

#withlotsoflove from Nao-Me.


Just thought to encourage anyone reading this that: "This article is not to scare anyone into thinking womanhood and in other cases, motherhood, are all about the perils, concerns and issues". There are joys to womanhood! & oh, what joys!!!

Like anything worth doing, each new phase of a woman's life may be hard at first, but like everything else- it does get better and better over time. If you're going through a tough day or a tough time, please, all you need to remember is that "it does get better!" & "you will find balance" .

...& for women hoping to start a new phase that hasn't happened yet: we want us all to remember that the goal is to enjoy every current phase we are in! Hoping this encourages someone 🤍


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